AllyClarry is a small independent artist brand based in Melbourne that focuses on Anime based fan arts along with original digital arts. Merchandises range from stickers, acrylic keychains, posters and apparels!



Here are some photos of my previous booth / table setup! Here are the list of my previous conventions:
- Melbourne Supanova 2019 / 2022 / 2023
- Overload NZ, Auckland 2018 / 2023
- Smash! Con, Sydney 2022 / 2023
- Brisbane Supanova 2022 / 2023
- OZ Comic Con, Melbourne 2023
- Mellow Market AU, Melbourne & Sydney 2022 / 2023
- AVCon, Adelaide 2023
- Kaiga Con, Melbourne 2024
- TasPop South, Hobart 2024


Hi there! I'm Clarice, but you can call me Ally.I'm the creative force behind AllyClarry, a small independent business brand rooted in my deep love for Anime and all things adorable. I embarked on this journey to bring to life my passion for Anime and create a collection of charming, original products. One of the endearing characters you'll find at the heart of AllyClarry is the lovable mascot: Chonkybear. Chonkybear is a little chonky polar bear that happens to be really sensitive to cold and prefer to keep herself warm with her favourite purple hoodie. She loves to drink soju and go on adventures around the world!As a self-professed anime nerd, I've infused my love for this art form into our products, creating a unique blend of wearable anime merchandise suitable for everyday wear. It's my way of paying homage to the talented artists and creators behind these beloved shows while making them accessible and stylish.


Photos of my Apparel collections that I've made throughout the years deaturing original art and fan arts.
Most of my apparel are printed locally in Melbourne, Australia.


I have made a bunch of stickers and keychains throughout the years! Ranging from original art and OCs to fanarts of the shows I love!
Here are some sample photos of my merchandises.